‘7aum Arivu’ cropped to suit foreign audience

Murugadoss’ latest release ‘7aum Arivu’ starring Suriya Sivakumar in the lead is having a decent run at the box office. As expected before the release, the Bodhidarma angle in the film has won a lot of thumbs up from the local and international audience with Suriya’s act as the Buddhist monk Damo, winning him positive reviews from critics.

Now sources in the industry have revealed that the film will don a new look to suit the international crowd because ‘7aum Arivu’ is gearing up to meet international audience. The technical crew is editing the film to suit international standards with the songs in the film being cropped.

Director Murugadoss needs a pat for letting the world know about Bodhidarma. This character has made some historians across the world ticking. ‘7aum Arivu’ will soon be showcased in international festivals in Indonesia and Thailand as well across Europe. The film is touted to have an international appeal due to its unique content.

Once ‘7aum Arivu’ has been touched up for the international audience it will be ready to grace theatres across the globe and win back laurels for Tamil Nadu.

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