Aamir says ‘no’ to political use of song on price rise

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan said he would not let political parties use the song ‘Mahangai Dayan’ from his forthcoming film ‘Peepli Live’ that takes a dig at the Government over inflation.

“We will not lend the song to anyone for political use. This song is part of the story of the film and it will not be used in any kind of political campaign,” Aamir told reporters here on the sidelines of music launch of the film.

The members of some opposition parties had approached the filmmaker to buy the rights of the song to use it as a tool against the government, given the recent flare up in prices of essential commodities.

“We have made the film for audience. This song is part of the story of the film. The movie is about urban and rural divide that exists in India and inflation is a general issue,” Aamir said.

‘Peepli Live’ is a satire on farmers’ suicides and subsequent media and political response.

Directed by debutant Anusha Rizwi and featuring Raghuveer Yadav in a pivotal role, the film is scheduled to be released on August 13.

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