Actress Sunaina says that some people are trying to spoil my image

Actress Sunaina who is acting in Thiruthani said,” I am donning homely roles in Tamil and have earned a good name. I have not acted in glamour roles. That does not mean that I will not act in glamour roles.

I am of the opinion that there should be beauty in glamour. Before acting in a Tamil film, I have acted in a Telugu film before acting in a Tamil film. I did homely role in this film. But the people who have released this film in Chennai have shown my pictures in the posters glamorously.

When I heard this I was a bit upset. I think they are trying to spoil my image. For the first time I have donned a comedy role in Thiruthani.

The film Kadhirvel in which I have donned the female lead role is going to be released soon. I will retain the good name that I have earned in Tamil cinema.”

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