‘Adaminte makan Abu’ shines in 58th National Awards

In a rather surprising and interesting announcements, debutante director Salim Ahmed ‘s film Adamante Makan Abu was named the best feature film at the 58th National Awards announced today, while its lead star Salimkumar bagged the award for the best actor of the year.Madhu Ambat was named the best cinematographer for the work in ‘Adaminte Makan abu, while Isaac Thomas Kottukapally bagged the award for best lyricist for his work in the same film. Salim Ahmed, the debutante who has won the best film award is basically a scriptwriter for comedy soaps in Television.Based on Mattannur,near Kannur,Salim Ahmed was pretty sure that if he do something for the big screen, it will be definitely movies with content and quality.

It was in the sets of ‘Best Actor’ that Salim Ahmed met Salimkumar to convince him of the role. Salimkumar was initially a little reluctant to accept the role as he very well knew that his films as the sole hero may not fetch much commerical returns. But Salim Ahmed was confident that it was Salimkumar who could do full justice to the role of an old vendor who is taking pains to somehow perform the holy Hajj with his wife( played by Zarine Wahab in the movie).Salim Ahmed also assured Salimkumar that his movie will have top technicians in the field and hence he brought in the veteran Madhu Ambatt, to do the cinematography and Issac Thomas Kottukappy to handle the music section. Anyhow, the gamble finally paid off for the debutante director , which has now brought in four big awards to Malayalam.From the sets of ‘Best Actor’ Salimkumar emerged the best actor in the national level while the director ended up with his movie being selected as the best in the National level.

Apart from this movie makers, the other malayalees who went on to win the national acclaim this year includes Sukumari, Sabu Cyril and K R Manoj,

The Feature Films jury of the year was headed by Shri J.P. Dutta, Non-Feature Films jury was headed by Shri A.K. Bir and Best Writing on Cinema jury was headed by Shri Ashok Vajpeyi.

Adamante Makan Abu movie stills

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