Ananya to go ahead with her marriage proposal

The dramatic changes in the marriage events of actress Ananya have been very interesting. Two weeks ago, there was a betrothal for Ananya with a Kochi based entrepreneur. She said she would continue her acting stint provided she got the consent from his fiancé. However, some days ago, there was a charge against Anjaneyan, the pro-hubby to Ananya, that he had been already married and has been facing divorce. Another story surrounded that Ananya’s parents preferred to make a complaint with the police. But now things have turned out in favor of Anjaneya that Ananya has neglected the first marriage episode. It seems that she will go ahead with the proposed marriage with Anjaneyan. She said it all matters for her personal life and no body can intrude into others’ private life. If at all any dispute or controversy arose, she would manage to overcome and settle them, she said. To another query, she said there is no basis in the fact that she had been kidnapped and kept under house arrest. Ananya said if this had been true then how she could go to the floors of local shooting. Any how, Ananya has shut the windows of flames in her marriage proposal but full details would emanate soon.

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