Apple iPhone 5C press shot picture leaks online

Apple iPhone 5C A press shot of the iPhone 5C has emerged online via a Romanian retailer showing the affordable Apple handset dressed up to the nines.

The image shows the white coloured model running iOS 7, but it’s understood the handset will also come in red, yellow, green and blue. Some other shades have leaked already, including sky blue and some pastel style yellow and pink variants. A black version has also leaked but it has been claimed this is a fake. It’s possible some of the others may also be hoaxes.

While the press shot may admittedly be a rendered fake it does have quite a convincing look to it and if the rumour of a September 10 announcement is true then such material would likely already be prepped and in circulation with retailers.

In related news, a former Apple executive has called the viability of the iPhone 5C into question. Tony Fadell, former senior vice president of Apple’s iPod division spoke to Trusted Reviews saying a cheaper plastic iPhone model would be ‘hard for Apple to do.’

He claims Apple’s expertise with premium, high-end products may cause problems in creating the more affordable smartphone device, adding that ‘it is really hard for Apple to make anything low cost.’

However, despite questioning Apple’s ability to pull it off, Fadell did also add that he thought it was the right direction for the company to take. ‘I think they should [make a low cost iPhone],’ he said, ‘We made really low cost iPods so I think there is a way to make a low cost iPhone.’

‘I hope they find it in themselves to do so but I don’t know if they will,’ he concluded.