Asif and Nithya in ‘To Noor with Love’


The beautiful pair Asif Ali and Nitya Menon is again joining after ‘Bachelor Party’ and ‘Apoorvaragam’. The new film is titled ‘To Noor with Love’.

The movie is directed by Babu of Anil-Babu duo. ‘To Noor with Love’ is a love story set in Malabar. Based on a story by C H Muhammed, the movie portrays the culture, customs, and tradition of Calicut.

Asif Ali plays Shah Jahan, a rich boy born into a business family, but inclined to music. Joy Mathew, Shekhar Menon, and Mia also include the cast list.

The movie will start rolling from August in Kozhikode and Vadakara. Screenplay is by G S Anil and Mohan Sitara tunes music for the movie.

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