Asin gets nostalgic about Kerala in Bangkok

MUMBAI: Asin Thottumkal, who has returned from Bangkok after a shoot, said that the city reminds her of Kerala. The actress said that most of the locations where her upcoming film ‘Ready’ was shot, reminded her of her hometown.

She said that the lush green locales made her feel like she was in Kerala. Her Blackberry status about the locales in Bangkok made her friends think she was in Kerala!

She did some adventurous stuff in Bangkok, too. First she was in the news for eating an insect and then for feeding the tigers in Kanchanaburi.

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  1. Surinder bhatia

    Hi m great fan of u like many other people,m praying for u to more successs.i think u all famous people r different from other one bcz god have special blessing on u,u r cream of society.i think u all did best karam in priveios m advising u mam whatever u all r today its bcz past good karams but now u have to do more good karam for next janams. So best of luck.

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