Best Of Luck Movie Review

Movie :Best Of Luck
Banner: A & M Productions
Cast: Prabhu, Urvasi, Kailsah, Asif Ali, Archana Kavi, Rima Kallingal, Aneesh, Sruthi Menon, Jagathy Sreemkumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Saleem Kumar, Bijukkuttan
Direction: M A Nishad

After being with some serious subjects and flicks for a while, Director M A Nishad’s latest film ‘Best of Luck’ is an attempt to weave a success story by going through a lighter vein of presentations. But the attempt, fashioned like Priyadharshan’s eighties hits fails to either tickle the funny bone or to end up as a satisfying decent affair.

One may be instantly impressed with the start of the proceedings, presentations by Mukesh, title cards and slickness of packaging, which in another half an hour droops down with silly content and confusion galore. The movie tells the story of four youngsters, Surya (Kailash), Manu (Asif Ali), Neethu (Archana Kavi) and Dia (Rima Kallingal), who are bosom friends. Neethu is Surya’s girlfriend and Diya is in love with Manu. The turn in their life arrives as a rich Naykkar from some village in Tamil Nadu, reveals in his deathbed, to his son Vinayaka Naykkar (Prabhu) that he is having another son named Suya in Kerala and that the later must take care of him. Vinayaka Naykkar plays to his father’s interest and turn a protector to Surya who is now sheltered in a big house with servants and allowed 3000 rupees for monthly expenses.

Surya who is also a musician likes to start a troupe. Manu who also gets lodged with Surya on his big house is an aspiring filmmaker and a big fan of Megastar Mammootty. One day they happened to be on a set of Mammootty film, where they meet him and gets an approval that the superstar will give them a date if Manu comes up with a suitable story. Manu now persuades Surya to lift some money for his project by pledging Naykkar’s big mansion on which they are on. As they go on with their filmi dreams landing in financial mess, Junior Nayikkar drops in for a visit. The young guys are forced to go for a multitudes of drama of mistaken identities including switching of pairs and evading the financier. Into this turmoil arrives other problems like the new domestic servant Thamara (Urvashy) who literally starts to rule the inmates of the house.

The movie seems to be inspired much from the Hindi flick ‘All the best’. Though many other sequences reminds of Priyan comedies like ‘Kilukkam’, the biggest problem with the movie is that the four young people in the cast doesn’t show any camaraderie between themselves and many sequences are too silly to digest. The scripting is amateurish and hence, whatever unfolds on screen makes no impact whatsoever. M A Nishad, the director would have realised by now that creating a slapstick that really have viewers in splits is not an easy job as it seems to be. The real humorous moments are limited and few of the wits, that may work are misfired and lack timing. The frivolity of the narratives hams big-time as the viewers stay lost to decipher what all are happening before them.

Apart from that of Prabhu, the performances in the movie are quite pathetic with Kailash seemingly lost and Reema, and Archana totally out of space. Asif Ali and is better than the rest. Urvashi tries to illicit laughter by being in extreme costumes and speaking like Suraj Venjaramoodu. Mammootty’s special appearance also don’t help the movie to salvage the show and to be on track.

The technical side of the movie is also far from good. The visuals, costumes and every related thing seems imperfectly done. The songs from ‘Euphoria’ sadly match the proceedings and don’t serve any purpose either. Attempts to shoot like the opening song of ‘Rock on’’ are evident but backfire miserably due to poor melodious content.

All in all, ‘Best of luck’’ is a movie that is a poor show all the way. It don’t have much chances to turn lucky at the Box Office.

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