Bicycle Thieves malayalam movie review

Bicycle Thieves review
Movie : Bicycle Thieves
Starring : Asif Ali , Aparna Gopinath
Director : Jis Joy
Distributor : Dharmik Films
Genre(s) : Comedy

Stories of thieves are always received by the audience worldwide especially the stories of goodhearted thieves. Kallan Pavithram, Kalikkalam, Meesha Madhavan and Robin Hood are some of the well received movies belong to the above mentioned category. The debutant director Jis Joy narrates the story of 4 thieves who steal bicycles for their living in a hilarious but thrilling way. Undoubtedly it can be said that he has succeeded in his first attempt to make the audience sit at the edge of their seats. This movie is full of humor, suspense and mind blowing twists which make the movie a must watch.

Chacko, the protagonist of this movie played by Asif Ali, has lost his parents and thus he is being looked after by his relative . They treat Chacko like a servant and thus he decides to escape from there. Chacko is highly inspired by the movie ‘Kalikkalam’ which tells the story of a good hearted thief who helps the poor. He left home stealing a cycle and reaches a shop owned by Bosettan, the character played by Salim Kumar. Bosettan is a diehard fan of late actor Jose Prakash and finds his livelihood by stealing bicycles. He brings up two boys named Ramesh and Rahim played by Saiju Kurup and Bineesh Kodiyeri respectively. They grow up and steal cycles for Bosettan. At the end of the month they send these stolen cycles to Tamil Nadu and divide their shares. Chacko joins them and becomes the gang leader. Chacko and the team always help the poor from the money they earn.

Swamy is a wealthy businessman, played by Saikumar, and his driver, played by Devan, approaches the gang to steal Rs. 3 Crores from Swamy. The gang did as they promised but Ramesh left the gang with the money they stole. The rest doubts Chacko as well and the team separate after this incident. After 5 years Chacko is seen living with Machan, played by Jaffer Idukki. Chacko meets Meera, the character played by Aparna Gopinath and falls for her. She is working in a bank where Kishor Sathya’s character is the M.D. Chacko gets involved with the issues of Meera and meets a criminal advocate Koshi at a bar and that is the turning point of the story. Unexpected events occur which affect the lives of Meera and Chacko. Vijay Baby plays Koshi and K.P.A.C. Lalitha plays the role of Ammachi with whom Meera stays as a paying guest.

Interesting twists make this movie a superb suspense thriller and the entire team of actors performed well in their roles. Asif Ali and Vijay Babu deserve special applause as they have excelled in playing pivotal roles in this movie. Vijay Babu proves to be a versatile actor to whom all the roles suit the most. Saiju Kurup and Bineesh Kodiyeri acted well and their mannerisms were apt for their roles as thieves. Comic element has worked well in this movie. Deepak Dev composed wonderful music for the songs written by Kaithapram and jis joy. Binedra Menon did a wonderful job as a cinematographer and as an editor Ratheesh deserves special appreciation. This movie is produced by Dr. S. Sajikumar under the banner of Dharmic creations and the director Jis Joy himself wrote the dialogues and screenplay .story by Ajith Pillai.

This movie is a clean entertainer and belongs to the suspense thriller genre. Director Jis Joy made it BIG with his first directorial attempt. In short ‘Bicycle Thieves’ is a thrilling movie which nobody can afford to miss.

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