Big Brother


Cast:Sunny Deol,Priyanka Chopra,Shahbaaz Khan,Sayaji ShindeDirection:Guddu DhanoaProduction:Guddu Dhanoa

Are you one of those people out there who have traditionally loved Sunny Deol since his action hero days of the 90s? Have you been enjoying his roars and hand to hand fights that bear a trademark Deol stamp? Last but not the least, have you enjoyed that high voltage drama that has been synonymous of Guddu Dhanoa-Sunny Deol combo deals like ‘Ziddi’ and ‘Salakhen’?

If so, then chances are that you may just about ending up enjoying ‘Big Brother’, though strictly from nostalgia point of view. As long as you are willing to ignore that you are living in an age where cinema means a ‘Guru’ or a ‘Rang De Basanti’ or a ‘Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd’ or you have set your mind that you are going to watch BIG BROTHER purely from love of anything that is vintage, you won’t be left with much grudge. But the moment you start feeling bad about nothing much new in the offering, you may just end up loosing interest in the film.

n the nutshell, BIG BROTHER is strictly for those who love Sunny’s fist work and love for being a ‘messiah’ of the downtrodden.

Leading a family of four, Sunny Deol has a younger brother [Imran Khan], sister [Prachi] and a mother [Farida Jalal]. With a series of unfortunate incidents that mar their peaceful life, the family moves to Mumbai from Delhi as they take on a different identity. For them, Mumbai could be the city that would give them happy times ahead as they hope for a new lease of life devoid of any troubles.

Nevertheless, the situation in the new city is also not too different as Sunny finds evil all around him in the form of rapists, molesters, goondas, corrupt cops etc. With no choice left but to revolt, Sunny takes on the extreme step of fighting back with due blessings from his mother.img515/3329/bigbrother16042ga9.jpg

A messiah is born who fights not just for his own family or people around him but for an entire country. A movement begins where he gets an all around support from the females who join hands together to raise him on a pedestal and rechristen him as their BIG BROTHER!

Sunny has always been convincing in enacting a role like this and BIG BROTHER is no exception. The only trouble in the current times is that there is an alarming reduction in the number of hardcore Sunny fans too ever since his last hit INDIAN due to which he is in definite need of a change in the roles that he is playing. Priyanka Chopra’s role proves that it was good for her to have made her debut with ANDAAZ which had a relatively stronger role for her. Background music belongs to the style of the 90s.

Danny plays his part well though one wonders why the veteran actor has been missing from the film’s promotion. Farida Jalal has been a regular actor in Guddu Dhanoa’s films and she plays a role similar to the kind she has been doing in his films over the years. Imran Khan and Prachi are fair though Shahbaz Khan leaves a mark. Yet another regular in Guddu Dhanoa films, it is surprising not to see him making more appearances. Ditto for Sayaji Shinde. Govind Namedo, who played a silent type in last week’s release SHAKALAKA BOOM BOOM, is much louder though reasonably effective in the film.img391/912/bigbrother16043su2.jpg

A story like this has been heard a zillion times before and the makers behind the film haven’t tried to hide that fact by creating a rosy picture of any kind. Unabashedly honest about the film being an out and out Sunny flick, Guddu Dhanoa uses his image to his benefit and plays to the gallery. Nevertheless, this has a flip side too since while multiplex audience are a strict no-no for a subject and a treatment like this, as seen in the last couple of years at least, even the single screen audience has started showing an inclination towards different kind of cinema.

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