Black Butterfly Movie Review

Movie : Black Butterfly
Director : M Renjith
Cinematographer : Azhagappan
Cast : Mithun Murali, Malavika, Niranjan, Samskruthi

Into the fine ground of quality films, M Renjith, the experienced producer has wisely opted for a excellent remake for his debut film as director. Yes, his first flick ‘Black Butterfly’ based on the super hit Tamil movie ‘Vazhakku Enn 18/9’ by celebrated Tamil director Balaji Shakthivel, has been able to imbibe some of the best moments from the original, making it a worthy watch. Though not in the league of the original, devoid of its rustic feel, intense originality and songs, ‘Black Butterfly’ manages to keep you guessing all through with its intelligent screenplay and narratives.

The movie told in an episodic nature probs into the attempt of the murder of an young girl named Reena, a domestic servant in a posh flat of the city. Circle Inspector Nandagopal Nadar is soon to find clues and immediately arrests Benny (Midhun Murali), the boy at the petrol pump, situated next to the flats. Benny starts to tell his story and about how he got into this case . An orphan, he works for his survival but come across accidentally with Reena, who works as servant maid in adjoining apartments. And it’s a silent love that goes on, till the girl is met with the fatal act. Finding this story sincere, the C I calls his next visitor, the young girl Arathy of the apartment where the incident happened , whose father and mother work to make both ends meet. She has a different story to tell that unleash a series of parallel happenings leading to the crime. How the law takes its own course form the rest of the movie, which is supported by a script by J Pallaserry that turns racy towards the end.

Though its old patterns of making and sluggish unfolding mars the effectiveness of the narratives in the initial scenes, the movie manages to get the viewer on board within a hour from its start. Viewers who were given an idea of an ordinary love tale starts to sense that there is more realistic fiction undercover, about men and their real life on streets.

M Renjith, as a director, believes in traditional modes of shot making, but the power of the story line propels the movie from falling into cliches and takes care of serious losses in translation. He has also been able to bring out the bests from his cast, mostly composed of fresher casts.

Midhun Murali is impressive as Benny, while Ganapathy as his friend, and the actor playing the C I Nandagopal were awesome. In fact the characterisation and presentation of the character of the C I (Just like its original) holds the movie with elaan and from unsettling into parts. Malavika Sai, Niranj, and Samskriti as the rest of the youngsters also play to their roles.

The BG scores by Gopi Sundar is another highlight of the movie that lends solid support with it theme music which is really heat melting, Azhagappan was effective behind camera and so is the editing by V Sajan.

All in all this ‘Black Butterfly’ is a must watch for all who haven’t been with its original stuff in Tamil. A simple, unfussy heart felt movie on a bold and relevant subject that just hits the right notes……

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