Film Star Movie Review

Banner: Wide Screen cinema
Cast: Kalabhavan Mani, Dileep, Thalaivasal Vijay, Muktha, Ramba, Vijayaraghavan, Salimkumar, Jagathy Sreekumar, Ashokan, Devan, Sadhique, Narayanankutty, Mukundan, Kottayam Nazeer
Direction: Sanjeev Raj
Production: Joseph Thomas
Music: Benny Johnson, Vijayan Poonjar

Director Sanjeev raj who had a troublesome debut with ‘Five fingers’ has everything going in his favour this time: The season’s Numero Uno actor who hadn’t delivered a flop in the last couple of years and a scriptwriter whose last film was a big hit were there to back him. But after watching his new film ‘Filmstar’ you can’t help but feel sorry that Sanjeev let go of a golden opportunity. Unfortunately, the film does not work because a good story idea which is ruined by shoddy writing and outdated presentations.

The movie has Dileep as Nandagopan, a poor villager who has written a movie script based on happenings of his village. He is currently after Superstar Sooryakiran (Kalabhavan Mani), to get time to narrate this story about the exploited villagers of Chitthiramthodi, who were evicted from their land due to pressures from land mafia and a proposed factory coming up in their premises. Nandhan has already lost his leg and half of his hearing in the fight against the mafia. But through his script he is also trying to bring out the real colour of the popular political outfit and its leaders who killed their comrade Raghavan and sabotaged their plans to fight against exploitation.

Sooryakiran lose his temper as Nandagopan gets into his room in the middle of the night, and in a flash throws him out. But a reading of the script makes him instantly agree to go for the project. Sooryakiran himself finds the producer and takes initiates to realize the scripts, shooting in the same village of chithiramthodi. But a lot of troubles from the politically powerful mafia was in the offering which blocked them in every steps. The film goes on to tell how the superstar manages to get his act complete with the help of the affected villagers.

The biggest problem with the film is its script, which has several loose threads hanging. A lot many questions are left unanswered as many a scenes are constructed without any decent logic and the viewer starts feeling restless after a point. Barring a few well executed shots, there’s nothing you carry home.

Sanjeevraj’ seems so much confused with his product as his direction, which is mechanical. So is the technical department engaging Saloo George, P C Mohanan and Co which keeps in sync with the lower standards of its narratives.

Talking of performances, Kalabhavan Mani falls flat in a role that demanded a more appealing hero. He tries hard to infuse life in his role, but there’s nothing worth mentionable about his histrionics. Dileep is tolerable,and in fact manages to keep the ship from sinking though with his limited appearance in around forty minutes or less.

None of the leading ladies in the movie, Rambha who appear in a song and a couple of scenes or Muktha, gets scope to display their talents in this male-dominated enterprise. Suraj Venjaaramoodu tries to provide some relief. The supporting cast including Vijayaraghavan, Devan and Thalaivasal Vijai looks straight out of a play where the mikes have gone awry.

On the whole, this ‘Filmstar’ is bound to have lesser stars than an average flick and will in all probabilities may not get noticed since the flaws outnumber and outweigh the assets.In the B.O, the prospects are weak.

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