Four Friends is a serious movie: Saji Surendran

THIRUVANATHAPURAM: ‘Four Friends’ is a serious movie with a noble message, said the film’s director Saji Surendran at a news meet held here on Monday. “I wanted to make a film that would be different in every sense from my previous films. The basic thought of the story line came from actor Jayaram. It was he who suggested making a film that could weave together friendship and death. The film gives a beautiful message about how one should take life positively,’’ he said.

Saji added that the film deals with the depth of friendship among four characters. “I think we have been able to handle a wonderful theme in an easeful manner.’’ Admitting that the film would disappoint those who expect a comic caper, scriptwriter Krishna Poojappura said that Four Friends should be appreciated for its story. “Posters of the film have made a negative impact. Viewers coming for the movie are expecting a comedy film like our earlier films. However, the theme of the movie has great potential. We really expect our film to be a great success,’’ he said. Krishna also highlighted the presence of Kamal Hassan in the movie. “We have had great response from our viewers on the scenes featuring Kamal Hassan. His realistic dialogues in the film have made a great influence on the viewers. A man suffering from cancer called us and expressed his happiness after seeing the film.’’

Saji said that his next project would be produced by Maniyan Pillai Raju.

When the reporters asked him about making films with superstars, Saji said that discussions with Mammootty and Mohan Lal are already on and that the two projects are expected to be produced within two years.

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