Genelia awesome sword fight scenes in Urumi

The one minute promo trailer of Urumi has created a big buzz around the film.

It has become the most viewed and discussed Indian film on the Internet.

Genelia, the heroine of the film has been getting the maximum accolades for her stunt scenes and look in the film.

Santosh Sivan in an interview to a newspaper said: “Genelia plays a princess and a Portugese killer; her character is etched out of a real-life princess who lived in Kannur during the 16th century. She has done some awesome sword fight scenes and is the romantic pair of Prithvi”.

In fact, Genelia had undergone a short training in Kalaripayattu, the martial arts of Kerala for doing the role.

All her friends and well-wishers have been tweeting about the promo of the film.

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