Harishree Ashokan’s first Priyan film


As the new movie from Priyadharshan ‘Geethanjali’ will reach the theatres soon, it will have loads of specialities. One among them will be that this will be the first Priyadharshan film with Harishree Ashokan donning an important character.

Though the actor has been around for more than two decades, he seldom has got a chance in Priyan movies, though the director specialised in humour flicks. Priyan had incited Harishree Ashokan for a films earlier, but the actor couldn’t adjust his dates to be in them. Anyhow , now as Harishree has just passed a leaner phase he will have an important role in the film, one which he had been cherishing for long.

Harishri Ashokan  who made a comeback through ‘Bavoottiyude Namathil’ also have some good roles in the recent films like ‘Pullipulikalum Aankuttiyum’ and ‘Kadal Kadannoru Mathukutty’.

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