Hot babe Namitha to relplace Sex diva Shakeela

Missing of Shakeela in Malayalam industry is treated as a death blow for B and C centre distributors, exhibitors and audience. Not just Kerala, the buxom lady has strong following in total South India where star heroes shivered to compete with her releases. Mid 80’s to 90’s Shakeela was a revelation for adult contented movie lovers while teenagers used to peep through her movies for learning basics of ‘A’ education.

Now, here comes heavy bodied namitha gossiped to have been making her own plans to replace the position of Shakeela. Nevertheless Nammi is treated as sex goddess of South cinema even then she is out of camera focus from some time. Inner sources are gossiping that namitha is using trial and error approach to test the formula of Shake Baby Shakeela by assorting to a bit of eroticism in her upcoming films. If it succeeds, namitha mightgo for full fledged characters thus replacing Shakeela. So, here is happy news for a section of audience who can get ready for a toast of ‘Shekeelaism’ from namitha

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