‘I and my brother Karthi will do more help’ – Suriya

Actor Sivakumar has been wholeheartedly favoring the needy and talented students from the year 1979. With his financial aid and other traits, he has made sure that the students come up with better education. Continuing the mission of his father, actor Suriya has been joining hands for the good cause in the past 6 years. Recently the actor had also donated good funds for the education of children across various parts of the neighboring state as well.

‘We are not the heroes, but you children are the best real life heroes as you have traveled across various problems and made it bigger reaching the destination’ says Suriya, who furthermore adds that his father’s autobiography has inspired many to come up in life.

Suriya also openly mentioned that he and his brother Karthi will act in more films and help the children for more education.

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