Inidhu Inidhu movie stills

INIDHU INIDHU is a remake of telugu blockbuster HAPPY DAYS… 8 young talented new faces are set to act in this film.. The cast includes
Narayan (Tyson) – Sonia (Shravs),
Arun Iswaran (Sidhu) – Reshmi Menon (Madhu),
Vimal (Vimal) – Bennas (Appu),
Sharan Sharma (Shankar) – Gia Umar (Sangeetha),
Sunny Sawrav (Sanny Balboa), Abhishek (Arjun), Krishna (Sanjay), Ajay (Ajay).

The ensemble makes all the difference in the film about college, relationships, friendship and brings about family bonding and values. A perfect potpori of emotions, drama, humor and overall fun…

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