Isaac Newton s/o Philipose Movie Review


Movie : Isaac Newton s/o Philipose
Director : V Bose
Cast : Lal, Nedumudi Venu, Abhinaya

What will you expect from a film where the hero, who fails to pass the SSLC exam even after his 18th attempt, has been named ‘Isaac Newton’? Well, the year 2013 has started with some really disappointing films and director V Bose’s Isaac Newton s/o Philipose will easily find a place amongst them.

Isaac Newton (Lal) lives with his father, Philipose (Nedumudi Venu) and two ready-to-die-for-the-master type cronies, played by Tini Tom and Dharmajan Bolghatty, in some remote village. He has Annie (Abhinaya), a teacher, waiting for him to get married. The only problem is that his father will allow the wedding to happen after Isaac Newton successfully passes the SSLC exam. He has failed in 18 attempts and is still trying.

Now, you can’t make a two-hour plus film with this silly plot. Obviously, to add more masala to this, the makers bring in a villain, a corrupt cop, some idiotic sequences, confusions and every clichéd event that is quintessential for films of this variety. The jokes will make you puke and the serious situations can surprise you with its inanity.

2012 saw a significant rise in the number of films made in Malayalam, during the course of a year. Already nine films have released during the first two weeks of January. But the sad part is that most of the films were tasteless to the core, just like this one, and has been banking on the satellite rights to make profits. The question now is whether this increasing number of films is actually benefitting the industry?

It would be an interesting story if director V Bose and scenarist Harish Unni explained how they managed to fool everyone involved in this film and got it released.

Lal looks visibly tired and repeats his usual antics, while trying to look younger. It is a pity that actors like Nedumudi Venu and T G Ravi agrees to do these kinds of roles, which are full of double meaning dialogues and buffoonery. The less said about the rest of the cast and other technical aspects, the better.

Isaac Newton s/o Philipose is loud and absurd even for those who are looking for brainless entertainers. Go for a walk or sleep for a while, which could be a more sensible option than this ridiculous misadventure.

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