Jackie Shroff reacts to rumour of him being gay

Jackie Shroff and his wife Ayesha are still laughing their heads off about the alleged “interview” that Jackie Shroff gave to a Pakistani website about his sexual preference.

Laughing uproariously as he dismissed the report as pure nonsense, Jackie said, “Can you believe it? Bas ab yehi baqi reh gaya tha. Logon ko kaam-dhanda nahin hai. Bas, yehi sab…For the record I’ve never spoken to any journalist on this subject and certainly made no such declaration. Main pagal hoon kya? ”

Sobering down after another fit of laughter Jackie says, “In any case, what’s the big deal about sexual preference? If one is gay, one is gay. If I was, I’d have no qualms in accepting it. But the fact is, I am most certainly not. And I’m surprised at the audacity of the journalist who cooked up this imaginary scandal.”

Expressing disgust at the journalist’s wild imagination Jackie says, “My wife and I had a good laugh over this. I just looked at her and she looked at me. We burst out laughing. It’s so sad. The entertainment industry has just suffered a huge blow. We lost Dev Saab. Instead of remembering him, the news has now veered towards some absurd nonsense about my sexuality. Jeez! Man, we need to sober up.”

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