John Bipasha refuse to endorse a Herbal Aphrodisiac

Bollywood bombshell, Bipasha Basu, and her beau John Abraham have been seen endorsing various products. The couple also appeared together for the Clinic All Clear commercial. The presence of this hot pair increases the brand visibility of any product.

Recently, the couple was approached to endorse an Indian herbal aphrodisiac, but they declined the offer despite being offered a huge amount of money. Bipasha said that they will only promote health and fitness products as a couple.

Confirming the news, a source said, “They were offered a huge amount for the endorsement but the couple turned it down. The product iss prepared from high quality extracts from the most exotic herbs, which is an effective natural sex enhancer.”

It is reported that the aphrodisiac brands contains viagra. The source added, “The hot Bollywood pair is committed to health and fitness and Bipasha makes sure to promote only health products. So, when John’s manager was approached with this couple endorsement, she said no mentioning that they do not endorse products containing Viagra.”

Speaking on this, Bipasha said, “My passion for health and fitness allow me to endorse only credible health products. I am happy to promote them as they encourage people to lead a healthy life. But I can never go for the other thing (the aphrodisiacs).”

She added, “I can also endorse any product that suits my personality like automobiles, cosmetics, luxury products, home appliances and fashion goods.”

She is also endorsing a honey brand as it is aimed at providing good health.

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