Katrina arranges ‘Raajneeti’ screening for Salman’s family

For those who think Katrina Kaif has severed all relations with Salman Khan and his family, there is news. Recently she arranged a show of her latest hit “Raajneeti” for Salim Khan who is proud of the actress.

Talking about arranging the show for Salman’s family after they’ve apparently split, Katrina said: “I wish all these speculations on my personal life would end. Salman’s family is the only family I’ve known in Mumbai. That can’t change.

“Of course, I wanted Salim saab to see ‘Raajneeti’ for very special reason. He has seen my struggle in Bollywood from the start. He’s very proud of me.”

“Raajneeti” director Prakash Jha said: “Salim saab was full of praise for ‘Raajneeti’. He specially praised the dialogues which, coming from him, was a great compliment. Earlier, Salim saab had said what he and Javed Akhtar saab wrote as a cops story in ‘Zanjeer’ was nowhere near the authenticity of my cops story in ‘Gangaa Jal’. He’s a generous man.”

Salim Khan’s generosity was also evident in the call he made to Katrina praising her mature and restrained performance in “Raajneeti”.

After tweeting to the entire world that he would definitely like to see “Raajneeti” and raising Katrina’s hopes that he’d finally watch one of her films, Salman stayed away from the special screening of “Raajneeti”. Salman has not seen a single film of Katrina.

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