Katrina Kaif to buy a bungalow in Mumbai


Bollywood’s top notch beauty Katrina Kaif has been on the lookout for a bungalow since quite long time but she could not get a right place so far. She lives at the seventh floor of a building named Guldev Sagar situated on the Waterfield Road of Bandra area in Mumbai. She wants a private place to live in. But since in the city like Mumbai which is highly populated and there is hardly any space left for the people to get accommodated due to film industry’s presence there, Katrina finds utter difficulties.

She has put her sources to zero in any good place to buy but all emerged empty-handed. Efforts have been on but now Katrina takes a sigh of relief as she has found a property to buy at last. This property is a bungalow of the producer Salim Akhtar, the man who endowed Rani Mukherjee with a big break in Hindi cinema.

Reporta have it that Salim’a bungalow is situated near to Ajay Devgn’s office and film director Muzaffar Ali’s residence. It is up for sale for last few years but could not be sold out for some unknown reasons. Salim Akhtar has been tweeting a lot to the famed Bollywood actors offering them to buy this property but no one showed any interest so far. The ones he tweeted include Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, IPL personality Lalit Modi, Sanjay Dutt and Shilpa Shetty but no one came forward to purchase it.

But Katrina Kaif is very much interested as she was desperately looking for some property to buy to live in her comfort and Salim’s bungalow is a big opportunity. She has contacted the owner and the negotiations are going on. Hope she will be the owner of this house very soon.

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