Kotha Bangaru Lokam

From the birth of Indian cinema, love stories, especially ill-fated ones have been the favourite of film-makers and Indian audiences. And now, here’s a film in the best traditions of the great love stories of yore.

With a modern perspective, Kotha Bangaru Lokam (KBL) examines the differing outlooks of parents and their children. The movie has done a good job of presenting both sides of the issue fairly well.

Balu (Varun Sandesh) and Swapna (Swetha Prasad) join a residential junior college. During the course of time, the youngsters are attracted to each other and they grow closer after they return to college after their summer vacations. One day, they slip out of their respective hostels and go for a date. Unfortunately for them, a shutterbug clicks a picture of them cuddling up to each other, which finds its way into a local paper and from there into the hands of the principal (Brahmanandam), who immediately calls both sets of parents and asks the fathers to take their erring children home.

What happens next, how Balu’s parents (Prakashraj and Jayasudha) and Swapna’s father (Ahuti Prasad) react and how the two youngsters deal with the angst and pain of separation and misunderstanding forms the rest of the story.

Coming to the performances, Varun Sandesh has graduated to a more mature performance from his Happy Days level. He has delivered on the early promise and if he follows up with movies such as KBL, he’s set to be among the next crop of superstars. Debutante Swetha has given a good performance and the credit must go to the director for extracting such great results out of a novice.

Prakashraj’s and Ahuti Prasad’s performances need special mention as they have delivered meaningful and seasoned performances that are not melodramatic and at the same time, very powerful.

Srikanth Addala has utilized the Andhra locales very well. Instead of spending huge amounts going to foreign locations for song shootings, he has brought out the evocativeness of the Rayalaseema region. Chota K. Naidu’s cinematography brings out the innocence of the smitten teenagers and the world-weariness of the adults excellently.

An unusual romance, this film has tried to strike a balance between the two opposing viewpoints of parents and children. In a neatly-packaged love story, the director has conveyed a strong message that communication is all-important both for parents and children. A refreshing movie, one that both parents and children will agree to watch together!

Banner:    Sri Venkateswara Creations
Cast:    Varun Sandesh, Swetha, Brahmanandam, ‘Ahuthi’ Prasad, Rajitha,
Vinay Prasad, Rao Ramesh, Phani, Sushma, Praveen, Chinnikrishna & others
Direction:    Srikanth Addala
Production:    ‘Dil’ Raju
Music:    Micky J Meyar

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