‘Mallu singh’ to start soon

The shoot for the new movie from Prithviraj, ‘Mallu Singh’ will start soon at Punjab. Planned to have its entire shoot in the Northern state, the movie will be the third offering from director Vysakh, whose earlier two movies ‘PokkiriRaja’ and ‘Seniors’ were big hits.Prithvi who is currently a little disturbed with the poor B O reports of ‘Theja Bhai and family’ will be looking eagerly for this movie which will be another comedy caper.

The movie will have him as Hari, a malayalee who is forced to take a job at Punjab. The most lucky actor of the times, ‘Kunchakko boban will also appear in an important role in the movie. ‘Mallu Singh’, which will be told in a Punjabi backdrop with enough dose of Bangra steps and Punjabi Gusthy will be brought to theatres by Mammootty’s Playhouse.

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