Manthaara Kate Lyrics – 5 Sundarikal

Ekantham song lyrics – 5 Sundarikal malayalam movie5 Sundarikal is a 2013 Malayalam romantic anthology film. It contains five short stories on love about five types of women – mother, daughter, lover, wife and actress.The stories are directed by Shyju Khalid, Sameer Thahir, Aashiq Abu, Amal Neerad and Anwar Rasheed, and feature an ensemble cast.The film is being produced by Amal Neerad Productions.

The music directors are Gopi Sundar, Bijibal, Prashant Pillai and Yakzan Gary Pereira.The film reached theatres on June 20.A promo song by popular Kochi-based rock band Black Letters was also released.

Manthaara Kate Lyrics
Manthaara kate kathiloratheril
naadonnu kaanan pokaam
matarum kanaathe puzhayodum chollathe
nerathe kaalathe pokaam

ale ale ale ale le lel le le
ale le le le le le le

njaaval kaadum medum keri
paalakal pookkana kavu keeri
maniyilanjii pookkal nulli…
mala koruthe..pokam…

ale ale ale ale le lel le le
ale le le le le le le


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