My Boss Movie Review

Mummy & Me director Jeethu Joseph is back with a light hearted comedy titled My Boss, starring Dileep and Mamta Mohandas. Heavily inspired from the 2009 Hollywood hit The Proposal, directed by Anne Fletcher with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in the lead, the film turns out to be an enjoyable watch.

Manu (Dileep), is an engineer but has joined a high flying company in Mumbai as the assistant to a fiery boss named Priya (Mamta Mohandas). Almost everyone in the office hates the lady for her attitude and discipline, but she doesn’t care a hoot to all the ranting behind her back.

After a while, there happens a situation where the boss is desperately in need of the assistant’s help. The two then comes to Manu’s home in Alappuzha. Though Priya, who was born and brought up in Australia hates the trip, what happens next are beyond her wildest dreams.

Less loud than Dileep’s usual comedies, this film has some nice moments that can leave the viewers in splits. The first half is mainly focused on the escapades of Manu as he tries to cope up with Priya’s fiery nature and in the second half the hero manages to stand on his own.

Jeethu, who has scripted the film as well, narrates the story mainly in a superficial manner quite like most comedy tales. The emotions, romance and the relationships get a hasty treatment and the effort is to maintain a lighter mood all along. The trademark mannerisms of Dileep are religiously added wherever possible.

Cinematographer Anil Nair’s visuals and music director Sejo John’s tunes need a pat on the back. The beauty of Kuttanadu has been shown splendidly and the song picturisations are top notch. However the song Enthinennariyilla… doesn’t seem to gel perfectly with the overall mood of the film.

In a different avatar from his usual films, Dileep oozes a certain charm to his role. He is convincing and his performance could make his fans happy. Mamta is fine in the initial scenes but tend to fumble during the emotional sequences. Kalabhavan Shajon, Sai Kumar and the rest of the cast have done their roles well.

With a brisk pace that barely gives much time to think, My Boss could be an entertaining affair, especially if you are not too bothered about the film’s inspirations and other nuances. This one is perhaps not meant to be taken too seriously and better enjoy this with a pack of popcorn!

Verdict: Gud Entertainer

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