Nil Gavani Selladhey Movie Review

Movie Name: Nil Gavani Selladhey
Cast: Anand Chakaravarthy, Dhaniska, Ramssy, Lakshmi Nair, Jagan, Aadithya
Director: Anand Chakaravarthy
Producer: Anand Chakaravarthy
Music: V. Selva Ganesh
Banner: Imagine Creations

Nil Gavani Selladhey is a thriller releasing today in limited screens across Chennai. There is always a special space for thriller films, as they create much excitement in the audience. The director of the film Anand Chakaravarthy is playing the lead role and Dhansika is sharing the screen space with him.

Nil Gavani Selladhey Story:

The film is all about four close friends Sam (Anand Chakaravarthy), Jo (Dhaniska), Arun (Ramssy) and Milo (Jagan). As the years pass on Jo falls in love with Sam and both of them will come to a decision to get married, with the help of their close friends. Priya (Lakshmi Nair) enters the scene as Jo’s friend from London to do a research project on the ancient temples in Tamilnadu. Arun after a few meetings falls in love with Priya.

The four friends along with Priya plans to celebrate Jo’s birthday in Goa. Priya who is keen in doing her project asks her friends to join the research in Thelloor, before heading to Goa. Thelloor is a small village located near Tamilnadu – Andhra border which has hundred years old temple. It becomes dark by the time they reach the village and each one will be attacked by a psycho person (played by Aadithya). What is the situation and finally how the friends will survive from the danger? Why is the psycho attacking the people who are entering the village? Will lead to an interesting climax.


Anand Chakaravarthy (Hero, director and producer) is okay on screen, but need to improve his skills in expressions and body language.

Dhaniska played well all through the film and is appealing.

Ramssy, Lakshmi Nair performed well even though seen in a few scenes. Jagan provided the required comedy track for the film.

The film is a suspense thriller, but carries three songs in the first half which are not required and needs an immediate chopping.

As a director Anand Chakaravarthy did well by bringing in an interesting story, but he failed to spot the logic in the flashback of the psycho. Camerawork by J. Laxman is a big positive for the film.

Nil Gavani Sellathey Trailer

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