No signs from Vijay made theatre owners irked again!

We are all aware about the recent happening issue about Ilayathalapathy Vijay after the release and the terrific disaster of his film ‘Sura’. It is also known that Vijay has agreed to pay huge compensation to the theatre owners for the heavy losses they incurred after screening of his film ‘Sura’ as per their demand earlier.

Now the latest news is that as it was said by the Vijay before that he will pay for the losses they incurred due to his film, till now there is no positive sign or word from Vijay as days are passing from the date of his announcement. So, frustrated by his attitude once again the theatre owners are in plans to hold a meeting to discuss on this issue and their future course of action. It is likely to have ban on Vijay’s next film ‘Kaaval Kaadhal’.

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