Pattinte Palazhi Movie Review

Movie:Pattinte Palazhi
Banner: Aditya Cinema
Cast: Manoj K Jayan, Meera Jasmine, Krishna Kumar, Nedumudi Venu, Prem Kumar, Revathi, Baby Bhavani and Baby Theertha
Direction: Anchal
Production: A K Pillai
Music: Suresh Manimala
Rajeev Anchal the celebrated director whose films has even gone to competition for Oscars seems to have lost his touch, now a days. His latest in theatres ‘Paattinte Paalazhy’ is a fine example of another lame attempt for a musical entertainer which ultimately ends up as a heartless sluggish affair.

The movie has Meera Jasmine as Veena who has landed in Chennnai with her ambitious father (Jagathy Sreekumar) trying to make big as a playback singer. It was also a dream of Veena’s late mother to make her daughter a famous singer The favorite disciple of a music maestro, played by Nedumudi Venu, Veena has a thick friendship with the maestro’s daughter Raziya (Revathy), a psychiatrist who is settled in London. Enters Amir (Manoj K Jayan), basically a sandalwood businessman, who offers her a bright career. All of a sudden she falls in love and elopes with him, which ultimately makes Amir mend his ruthless ways, though he is facing a down in business. Veena has a second chance to singing on sight when her friend Sreehari (Balabhaskar) debuts as a music director. But things were not easy for her as certain unexpected dramatic events change the course of their lives.

The major pitfall of the movie is that the script by Dr RajendraBabu fails to get us involved into its plot, with emotional sequences and tragedies of the protagonist’s life mostly conveyed through melodramatic dialogues. There is lot of attempts to create scenes that appears overdose and odd to the proceedings, those are in a conventional mould. And the twist that the makers keep in drawers, is evident miles ago and show uncanny resemblances with that of ‘Kadaaksham’. And with all the recent character’s of Meera in that Psychotic stamp in them, viewers are let free to assume chances at the earliest. Liberally taking inspirations for sequences from movies like Makmal Buf’s ‘Silence’ to ‘August Rush’ and ‘Abhiman’, the movie also fails to make better of the impressive music track that it had. Almost all songs seems to have been posted at the undemanding points

Meera appears good in almost all the sequences, except a couple towards the later half, though this role also shows little differences from her regulars. Heavy makeup and mannequin curls also takes off the sincerity and grace in the later parts. Manoj K Jayan is in a stereotype of a chauvinistic husband whose possessive interests halts his wife’s singing abilities, ultimately leading her to schizophrenic tendencies. All the others in the cast lines have handled their parts impressively. In the technical side, Azhagappan scores with his mesmerizing cinematography, which is the only major thing that holds interest in the proceedings. Dr Suresh Manimala’s music is appreciably good, but isn’t used well in the movie narratives. Among the five songs, the lullaby ‘aaro’ seems to be the pick.

In an attempt to pack in a musical in a story of marital discord enmeshed with some psychological drama, the movie attains perfection in none of the genres. ‘Paattinte Paalazhy’ may well be appreciated by those who still love high voltage drama and conventional styles of narratives.

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  1. Pattinte palazhi is an above average film.Even though the story sounds like old wine in new bottle,the treatment is creditable.The screenplay of Dr. Rajendrababu covers excellently the shady areas of the story. Overall the film is commendable. Meera Jasmine performed well in different attire. Manoj K.Jayan prooves as he in a subtle actor.Hundred marks for Azhagappan,s camera work.Rajiv Anjal deserves credit for his skillfull direction.
    In a world of Pokkiri rajas and Syamalas Pattinte Palazhi is a relief.The combination of Rajiv Anjal
    Dr. Rajendrababu and Azhagappan gifted a good cinema.It may not be a crowd puller. But this is a pure film of academic standard.Beautiful dialogues and powerful camera helped Rajiv Anjal a lot.
    Simpe narrative with lot of emotions

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