Poonam Pandey offered Rs. 2 crore for Big Boss 5?

Controversial model Poonam Pandey, who promised to shed her clothes if India won the cricket World Cup but didn’t do so, has reportedly been offered a whopping Rs. 2 crore for the next season of Big Boss’as her presence is expected to add spice and boost TRPs.

‘Poonam has been offered a signing amount of Rs. 2 crore for Big Boss season five, but the model is considering whether to accept the offer or not,’ said a source closes to the model.

‘Apart from this handsome amount, there is a contract mentioning that an ex-cricketer (one of the contestants) during the show will ask Poonam to fulfill the promise which she made during the World Cup. Because of this clause Poonam is still thinking about the offer,’ the source added.

The 21-year-old caught the headlines after she said she would strip in the green room if India won the World Cup. India won, but for various reasons Poonam couldn’t fulfill her promise.

The model has grabbed a few projects, including Color’s adventure show Khatron Ke Khiladi 4, and her stay on the show had been non-controversial.

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  1. Offer of 2 crores does not mean she is paid. So she will have to do much to get that money . Generally in such matters money is not paid fully but only some money is paid. There r many persons in between. Poor girl gets something and loose most but cant cry at all.

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