Puneeth sings for Shiv!

The younger sibling super power star Puneeth Rajakumar has lent his voice for a song for the third time to his eldest brother Shivarajakumar in a film.
Puneeth Rajakumar showed expertise in singing from his child actor days. Later becoming hero from ‘Appu’ he is continuing the trend of singing one song to his films and he follows his icon father.

After ‘Sampathi Savaal’ Yaare Kugadali….Ure Horadali….emme Ninage Saatiyilla….(Dr Raj sitting on buffalo and singing) the genius actor of Kannada cinema Dr Rajakumar sung for his films and the voice of him so far Dr PBS went on a low key with the powerful voice of evergreen star Dr Rajakumar.

Puneeth Rajakumar is showing his passion for singing too. The recent Puneeth Rajakumar song for his film ‘Raam’ Hosa Gana Bajana……became a super hit. A film was also launched with the title ‘Gaana Baajana’.

In the past for ‘Rishi’ and ‘Lava Kusha’ Puneeth Rajakumar sung for his eldest brother Shivarajakumar were also received well by the music lovers.

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