Puthu Mughangal Movie Review

Cast: Sainudheen, Oviya, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Innocent, Salim Kumar, Bijukuttan, Shivaji Guruvayoor and Geetha Vijayan
Direction: Don Alex, Majeed, Biju
Music: Shayam Dharman

As every new comers come up with movies that promise to be different, a small fraction of Mollywood viewers still make a try at the theatres to check whether this one has lived up to expectations.Most of the time, the results will be dismal ‘no’ and this ‘Puthu Mughangal’ is also not of any hope, but another poor attempt on film making.

The movie opens with the every patterns of regular campus flicks, the introduction of three lead players, the arrival of freshers, the regular couple of songs and dances, fights with juniors and the lady gang, all but happening in an Agricultural university campus. Then there are some teachers in Renjitha, Lalu Alex and Geetha Vijayan who sometimes give a feel of more immature than their students. The fight between all boy and girl gangs ultimately ends up in the lead three, thrown out of the campus. To get back into the frame, the only thing they must do is by proving their innocence in a junior assault case, that the threesome swear to have done by some others. To find the junior guy, Ajith, who had posted the complaint against them and to know the reality behind the incidents, they proceed into his village named peringottukara, where a totally different fate awaits them.

The movie walks on a terribly poor script lines and sequences which are visualised badly. With the numerous stories and parallel tracks running concurrently, the writer seems to have taken the viewers for granted and divert and deflect your attention, driving away from the main plot. The direction by the debutant duo Don Alex-Biju Majeed is, to put it mildly, dismal and directionless. The cinematography is another poor link which rarely moves over the qualities of a television soap. The songs and a few girls are there as heroines which hardly adds any good to the proceedings.

In the acting front, much of the performances are average to the best. Ameer, as bablu, may find some supporters for his intensity and action scenes. Some in the rest of the cast make use of the opportunity while others including the lead girls and late actor Sainudeen’s son wastes the opportunity.

The film has precious little to offer in terms of substance, which will curtail its prospects to a major extent. ‘Puthu Mughangal’ just does not connect with the younger generation who are expected to be its viewers. On the whole, the movie has dim prospects.

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