Rajini chooses Deepika over Himalayas

It is only on rare occasion that a superstar of such a global stature will make changes in their schedule. And Rajinikanth has proved yet again that he will be always well ahead in being humble.

According to sources Rajini put aside his usual trip to Himalayas just for the sake of Bollywood’s tall dimpled beauty Deepika Padukone. It’s the regular practice of the superstar to visit the holy place once he completes every film. But this time he made an exception in his plan by postponing his trip because Deepika didn’t have enough dates for his next 3D live action animation adventure flick ‘Raana’.

It is said that the actress has a tight schedule, shooting for Prakash Jha’s ‘Aarakshan’ followed by next projects with Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. Owing to these various commitments, it was not possible for Deepika to include Raana’s shooting. As a result, ‘Raana’ which was planned to be shot in one continuous stretch has now modified its schedule and Rajini was most willing to change his plans.

Also, heard that in fact Rajini was really looking forward to work with Deepika that he adjusted his dates with the actress. Besides, the star was quite understanding towards her earlier commitments.

Wow, that was really wonderful from Rajini’s part… No wonder he’s rightly called The Superstar!

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