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Rethinirvedam Cast & Crew

Director :T K Rajeev Kumar.
Producer :Suresh Kumar.
Banner :Revathi Kalamandir.
Story And Script : P. Padmarajan.
Music Director :M. Jayachandran.
Cinematography :Manoj Pillai.
Executive Producer: Sandip Senan.
Costume Designer:Kukku Parameshwaran
Cast : Sreejith,Shwetha menon,K P.A.C,Lalitha

Rethinirvedam Remake preview

Rathinirvedam the movie that made a dimension to Malayalam movies in the of late 70’s, will once again comes live in new form and with new actors in the lead. The 1978 movie Rathinirvedam directed by the gracious directed by Bharathan and scripted by P.Padmarajan told the story of a teenage boys love and passion towards an elder woman.

Rathinirvedam was a super hit of that time, the character of Rathi was done by the yesteryear beauty Jayabharathi the character of Pappu the teenage boy was done by Krishnachandran (well known singer)

New movie will have Swetha Menon as Rathi Chechi and Fazils latest movie Living together fame Sreejith as New Pappu. T.K Rajiv Kumar who will take the place of Bharathan, but the screen play is same that of Padmarajan . “The film is not a scene to scene copy of cult movie, new situations have been added but the basic plot and period remains the same, it is made with tastes of the current generation” said director TK Rajiv Kumar

The shoot of the movie is currently going on at Pallipad near Haripad, Alappuzha district. On an recent interview Swetha Menon joked that they are planning to sell tickets to watch the shoot of the movie since as such was the hype created over the movie, but the joke seems to have come true, the location of Rathinirvedam crowded like superstar movies. The shooting is progressing under tight police security

Rathinirvedam is produced by Suresh kumar under banner of Revathy kalamandir, Suresh kumar produced the remake of Neelathamara . Murukan Kattakada will pen the lyrics to M.Jayachandrans tune for Rathinirvedam

Story of New Malayalam movieRathinirvedam Remake

Rathinirvedam told the story of a teenage boy Pappu’s fascination towards an elder woman named Rathi , Pappu call her Rathi Chchi, Pappu is back home for his vacation after his plus two exams. Pappu lives with his mother and her sister and kids, in the high range village. Hi father who is a soldier in the north, he seldom comes home seldom
Rathinirvedam Malayalam movie remake-Swetha Menon in as Rathi-Review-Story-Stills

Pappu who is in his indolence’s feel strong attraction toward the Rathi who is his neighbour. The movie is told from the angle of the teenager Pappu. As Rathinirvedam moves forward the relation between the lead deepens. Rathi who initially warns Pappu of his doing but she is forced in to the relationship by Pappus shear fascination for the lady.

At one point of time the relation breaks all social barriers,. Rathi’s mother who is in search of Groom for her finds pappu and Rathi in compromising situation .The calamity set out in the families, the families who were living in harmony find it difficult to accept the relationship between the boy and Rathi. It creates wide cracks in the relation between the two families.

Rathi’s mother finds a groom for her and fixes her marriage and Pappu is deported back to his school. One the night before the he had to leave to his school they meets and the unexpected happens, on that night you leave the tethers with a lump in the thought. The only common figure in both the Rathinirvredam is K.PA.C Lalitha, who acted as sister to Pappus mother is appearing tin Swetha Menons Rathinirvedam

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