Rebecca Uthup Kizhakemala Malayalam Movie Review

Movie : Rebecca Uthup Kizhakemala

Producer : Venkatesh S Upadhyaya

Director : Sunderdas

Cast : Ann Augustine, Saikumar, Shari, Jishnu, Siddharth, Kalabhavan Mani etc.

Music : Ratheesh Vega

Lyrics : Rafeek Ahammed

Editing : Bijith Bala

Story: The film is about a woman athlete who hails from a humble backdrop to script success as a sports person.

Movie Review: There is a nagging sense of perplexity about Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala. The film supposedly tries to tell the inspiring tale of a woman athlete from a village, who would embrace glories in her career. The thrill ends right here. The glorious accomplishments of this athlete called Rebecca are repeatedly narrated, not shown. She is in fact pre-occupied with a lot of other tasks. This include persistent exhibition of over-whelming filial affection – her allegiance to her family, her fiancee and her confused relationship with her coach, who comes with the tag of her childhood friend.

This film is a mess. While narrating the tale of an athlete, Sunder Das just strays off, and the digression is lengthy, frustrating and never-ending. Ann-Augustine plays the athlete who has won a medal in Asiad. But her physique and her mien seem ill-fitted for the role, and her loose grip on expressions further worsens the cause.

In what is supposed to be a sports movie, an old-woman weeps and sighs almost non-stop, a man consistently proclaims his unflinching attachment to his family and as if these were not enough Sunder Das employs Suraj, who cuts a sorry figure fleshing out all kind of nonsense to create humour. Romance and family rifts are also spread leisurely.

Rebecca Uthup Kizhakkemala is a disappointment, courtesy an aimless script and bad choice of actors.

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