Romans Malayalam Movie Review


Director : Boban Samuel
Producer : Arun Ghosh, Bijoy Chandran
Script writer : Y.V. Rajesh
Cast : Kunchakko Boban, Biju Menon, Niveda Thomas, Vijayaraghavan
Music Composer : M. Jyachandran, Bijibal (Score)
Cinematography : Vinod Illampilly


‘Romans’ tells the story of three convicts who escapes as the cops bring them in train. Two of them wander together and finally lands in a small village. The villagers mistake them as priests sent by Father Gabriel (Vijayaraghavan) from Rome. They name themselves as Father Sebu (Biju Menon) and Father Paul (Kunchacko Boban). They perform many ‘miracles’ all of which comes in their favour. They plans to hide and stay there for a month and then escape to dubai. But everything doesnt go as they planned.
The theme of the movie seems to be inspired from Hollywood comedy ‘We’re No Angels’, starring Robert De Niro, Sean Penn and Demi Moore which was directed by Neil Jordan . Though the story is an old stuff, the movie keeps us entertained. There’s nothing fresh or great things in the movie. Second half of the movie was more entertaining and the director successfully brings in some twists and suspense elements. If you go with a free and unaltered mind you may like it. There’s nothing new to get from the movie. But still its a good one-time watch.

Even though Kunchako Boban-Biju Menon chemistry had worked out well in few movie, they don’t have the capability to bring out a frequently told story from pits. They did individually well in their respective roles. The chemistry works out in some places but if the script had been better it would have been a very good movie. Biju Menon steals the show with one liners which will make you laugh. Nelson (Asianet Comedy stars fame) was entertaining eventhough he had limited scenes. Niveda Thomas as the heroine, had nothing to do with the movie and was an utter failure.

Technically the movie has done good. Boban Samuel done extremely very well with his simple story and with a good suppot from the technicians. Vinod Illampally’s camera was pretty good.

The main drawback of the film was the script by Y.V. Rajesh. If he had worked more on the same script and added some fresh humourous elements it would have worked out better. Songs by M. Jayachandran seemed to be average and the BGM was good. An item dance and some double meaning jokes could have been avoided.
At the end, Romans is an entertaining watch that will not make you regret and it is ok for a one-time watch.

Kunchakko Boban-Biju Menon Combo
Comic Elements

Predictable Script
Niveda Thomas(Perfomance)

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