Ronit Roy indecisive on next Bollywood project

Popular actor Ronit Roy, who is eagerly awaiting the release of his internationally acclaimed film “Udaan”, says he is yet to give a nod to another Bollywood project.

“I have a Bollywood offer. I am fighting on the script because there are a few things that I strongly believe in,” said Ronit, while refusing to do divulge the name of the director.

“It is a very beautiful script. It is in fact one of the most beautiful written scripts I have read but there are bits and pieces that I feel are not the correct. Those need to be corrected or tweaked. My audience consists of women, children and people across all ages. I don’t want them to have any misconception about life,” he added.

According to Ronit, the director is a female and she has also written the script.

“She is feeling strongly about those points. She is looking at them from a woman’s point of view. And I am looking at it from a man’s point of view,” he said.

Asked about the buzz that he has signed an international project, Ronit said: “I have not signed a film. I have been asked to do it. I have given my consent. The first draft is ready …I have heard the concept and found it very interesting. It’s a Hollywood film.”

These days he is seen on Colors’ cookery game show “Kitchen Champion”.

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