Saif Ali Khan: “There is no Indo-Pak jingoism in Agent Vinod”

Pakistan has banned the theatrical release of Agent Vinod and though the lead pair of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are expectedly disappointed with the development, they continue to maintain the stance that the film isn’t supposed to hurt the sentiments of any nation. In fact they are also of firm belief that the film is as non-jingoistic as it gets and in fact Pakistani people would love the film if they get a chance to watch it.

“To begin with, it has now been revealed that even though Kareena is playing a Pakistani character in the film, contrary to rumours she isn’t playing a negative character in the film,” informs a source close to the actors, “Yes, there are certain good and bad Pakistanis, just as there are good and bad Indians. However, Kareena plays a good Pakistani and since she is the film’s leading lady, this by itself should quash the rumours that the country is shown in bad light.”

This isn’t all as Saif Ali Khan also narrates a personal reason for ensuring that he respects the sentiments of the neighbouring country.

“During the making of J.P. Dutta’s L.O.C, he experienced big alienation from the Pakistani audience. He understands that Pakistan represents a huge segment of overseas audience. Especially since Agent Vinod is his own production and there is big moolah involved, he wouldn’t want to let go off such a huge opportunity of exploiting the market from commercial standpoint,” the source continues.

Now that just a day remains for the film’s international release, there is little that Saif and his team can hope to do in order to turn around the fortunes of Agent Vinod when it comes to it’s release in Pakistan. However, Khan does reiterate the fact that the film was always supposed to bridge the gap between the two countries instead of widening it.

“Agent Vinod presents a particular view of Pakistan and that’s exactly the view that I too happen to share personally,” says Saif, “Yes, so on paper Pakistan is our enemy. However, in their culture too there are people who are good and don’t war with India. On the other both India and Pakistan have certain villains who represent ugly side of the two countries. Our film shows this fight against bad elements; that’s about it. There is no jingoism whatsoever. I hope that globally people watch this film in huge numbers and see the real truth.”

Here is hoping that it doesn’t happen on pirated copies though, which is expected to be a huge threat now considering the fact that the official release has been banned in Pakistan.

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