Sanikizhamai Sayangalam 5 Mani Movie Review

Banner: SPS Mediaa Works
Cast: Sarath, Malini
Direction: Guhan
Production: Janaki Sonaimuthu
Music: JV

Featuring newcomers, the movie was widely publicised as the first flick made using HDSLR camera technology,

But for the cinematography, ‘Sanikkizhamai Sayangalam 5 Mani’ fails to impress in any department as it lacks logic in screenplay and coherence.

The rural thriller, which is shaky from the beginning, is about a girl, who goes missing and the desperate search by his lover to find her. Directed by Ravi Bharathi, the whole story unfolds from Saturday 5 pm to Saturday 5 pm the next week, justifying the title.

The movie tests our patience at many places. It has a slew of fresh faces with Sarath and Malini playing the lead roles. The only saving grace is cinematography, which is impressive and the use of still camera works wonders.

Maha (Malini), who elopes from her house in Kodaikanal to Vathalagundu to marry her boyfriend Sakthi (Sarath). On her way to meet him she suddenly goes missing. She speaks to Sakthi over phone during the journey, but suddenly vanishes.

Maha’s uncle is a police officer and he starts to search the girl. The blame falls on Sakthi, but he proves his innocence and begins his search for her. Eventually Sakthi and his friends find out the reason behind Maha going missing and a rude shock awaits them.

The movie stutters and staggers in pace. It is more clichéd and predictable. Sarath is passable while Malini disappoints. Music too is jarring. With an interesting knot, the film could have been interesting had the director made the script cogent and tight.

To sum it up, it is a question whether the film would cross next Saturday 5 pm in cinema halls.

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