Senthee Vizhundha Lyrics – Kochadaiyaan Song Lyrics

Movie : Kochadaiyaan
Music: A.R.Rahman
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Initial release: August 15, 2013 (India)
Director: Soundarya Rajinikanth
Production company: Eros International
Music composed by: A. R. Rahman
Cinematography: Rajiv Menon

senthee vizhuntha sempor paaraiyil
manthi uruttum mayilin muttaiyaai
udalil irunthu vizhunthu
urundu pogudhe
[On a red flame fallen golden red rock
Like a peahen’s egg rolled about by a monkey . .
Fallen from the body
Is rolling and revolving here and there.]

nalla marathin narunkilai eilinthu
vella suzhiyil vizhunthu malarai
[Losing a strong branch from a stout tree
Like a flower fallen into the whirl of a flood . . ]

karaigal maranthu
dhisaigal tholainthu alainthu pogudhe
Forgetting the shores
Wanders directionless here and there.]

sirukottu perumpazham thoongi yaangu
en uyiro sirithe
kaadhalo perithe
[Much like a huge fruit on a slender tree
My life is insignificant,
My love is immeasurable.]

poopathu marantha kodigal
punnagai maranthathu minnai
kaaipathu maranthathu kaadu
kaaviyam maranthathu yedu
yaano ninnai marakkilen
[The creepers have forgotten to flower,
The lightning has forgotten its smile,
The forest has forgotten its fruition,
The parchments have forgotten the epic –
I, though, have not forgotten,
Have not forgotten you.]

senthamizh piriyum sangam
sengadal piriyum alaigal
oliyai piriyum kaatru
uliyai piriyum sirpam
yaano ninnai pirigilen
[The Sangam from Classical Tamil may part,
The waves from the Red Sea may part,
The winds from their sound may part,
The icon from its chisel may part –
I, though, will never part,
Will never part from you.]

vaai mottudainthathal poovaasam
vaasathukkethu siraivaasam
[When the lovely lipped bud explodes –Flowery fragrance
Where is a prison house for a perfume?]

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