Sharath follows Prakashraj

Sharath, who is very passionate about his acting and dancing, is on Cloud Nine with his dream-come-true role in Kandahar. He takes ultimate care to maintain a fit body by regular visits to the gym. He has so far worked in three movies.

In Keralotsavam 2009, he enacted the role of a software engineer who turns out to be the villain in the end. Keralutsavam 2009 failed to click due to its release at the wrong time. He also had a great presence in a guest role in Elsamma Enna Aankutty. Sharath wants to do more negative roles since they provide an actor with lots of scope to perform and improvize. Sharath always looks at Raghuvaran and Prakashraj as his role models and was attracted to acting by these two artistes.

Currently he is hopeful to get noticed for his dream role in Kandahar. In his own words:

Every aspiring actor’s dream is to work in a project with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Mr. Mohanlal (Lal Ettan). I am very excited and happy that I got this great opportunity and cherished every moment during the shooting of Kandahar.

My character is of a poor boy Razak who is trapped by the lure of money and material wealth. This is what is happening to many youngsters in reality in places like Calicut. This fact is presented in the film. Deep down, I try and become a good person, but it is not possible after falling into the trap of terrorists. I also have a lot of mother-son sentiment in the film. My mother’s role, portrayed by K.P.A.C. Lalitha, is another plus point for me in this film.

I just cannot describe my first scene with Lal Ettan (Mohanlal sir). It is beyond words. For some time, I felt I never existed when I was looking at him. Truly a dream come true role. I learnt a lot from this great actor. It was a great learning experience. Moreover, I learnt a lot of the ethics these big stars maintain on the sets while shooting. I am sure these memories will remain for years to come.

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