Shivrajkumar scores a six in his 99th film

BANGALORE: Sandalwood superstar Shivrajkumar is one short of completing his century in a career spanning more than two decades. His 99th film is going to be a pretty impressive one.

According to reports, Shivrajkumar will play six roles in his upcoming film. Confirming this news to the media is the actor says that he is being reintroduced in the Kannada film industry!

At 49 years of age, Shivrajkumar will also portray the role of a college kid. But, the actor is not worried at all because he has complete faith in his director R Chandru and also feels that his upcoming project ‘Mylari’ has a strong script which will be loved by the audience and the critics.

The actor also promises to introduce some new dance steps this time.

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