Shyamalan’s ‘Last Air Bender’

Kerala born Hollywood director Manoj Knight Shyamalan’s new fantasy -adventure movie ‘The Last Air Bender’ was released in the international circuits, this week to interesting responses. The movie is the live action film adaptation of the cartoon series ‘Avatar-The Last Air Bender’ which was on Nickelodeon.

The movie narrates the adventures of Ang and his friends in their attempt to journey the polar regions. Shyamalan is said to have used the maximum chances of computer borne effects for the movie.

The Last Air Bender produced by Paramount and Nicklodeon will be officially released in India by the 9th of this month. The Last Air Bender presented in 3D and conventional 2D versions was made for $150 million and marketed with a budget of $130 million, making total costs of the film at least $280 million.

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