Sona Nair Plays A Sex Worker In “Kapalika”

Preethy Panikker’s short film, “Kapalika Anavrithayakumbol” highlights the tragic story of a prostitute.

“Kapalika Anavrithayakumbol” is an adaptation of N.N.Pillai’s renowned play, “Kapalika”. The play questions the attitude of the society towards a sex worker.

An explicit revelation of a sex worker’s life, Kapalika Anavrithayakumbol features Sona Nair in the lead. Sona Nair plays the role of a sex worker named Rosamma, breaking her much popular image of a family figure through television serials and movies.

Madhu plays the male lead.

Rajeev Gopalakrishnan handles the story and screenplay of “Kapalika”. Madhusoodanan Mavelikkara is producing the movie.

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