Sonali Bendre’s ‘Panty Less’ Video Sold for 1 Crore

Last week, after Sonali Bendre’s appearance in Karan Johar party, her wardrobe malfunction, became the sensational news online and a widely searched person in Google with her panty less act.

The party bash took place on Tuesday 1st February night and Sonali Bendre who came to the party in a car, was sitting behind alongside Aishwarya Rai and the panty less act was caught by a paparazzi and on Wednesday morning, the video was circulated on Zoom TV and other websites and became widely popular on Thursday and Friday.

On Saturday, Sonali Bendre informed media that all these are done to malign her image and that she and her family had to go through a depression for spreading such things.

But the latest news thats going about is that Sonali Bendre made a deal with the ZOOM TV Channel for Rs 1 crore and managed to get the true copies of her wardrobe malfunction video. Reports suggest that it happened through the intervention of one of her friend, who is a media baron, on Thursday late evening last week and by Friday she was in a safe zone.

Later Sonali Bendre rubbished off these reports and then asked them to prove it. Well she did got a lot of publicity thoruhg this and became on eof teh hot searched person on google!

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