Tatsamayam oru penkutty movie review

Movie : Tatsamayam oru penkutty
Director : T K Rajeev Kumar
Music : Sharreth
Cast : Nithya Menen, Swetha Menon, Unni Mukundan

Malayalam filmmakers are trying to look chic with newer experiments these days. In the process of packaging movies in modern styles, they tend to ignore certain basic things like an engaging script, crisp editing, good performances and so on. The example is director T K Rajeev Kumar’s sorry looking mess called Tatsamayam oru penkutty.

Here, an innocent girl named Manjula Ayyappan (Nithya Menen), who comes from a modest background, becomes the first contestant in a live TV reality show. Sareena (Swetha Menon) is the brain behind this concept and the programme is called, you guessed it right, ‘Tatsamayam oru penkutty’. Ravi Kumar (Siddique) heads the channel while Thomas (Baburaj) is Sareena’s rival there.

A couple of cameras start following Manjula for a month and all hell breaks loose as people keep glued on to their TV sets. The scenes are so ridiculous that certain characters like a guy on a treadmill, a group of friends who have come for shopping and an NRI couple watching the show with a glass of wine are shown doing the same for the whole month!

At almost three hours, the film is a real test of your patience. Of course, there is a genuine storyline here, but it has been made on to the screen in a pathetic way.

T K Rajeev Kumar, who has done some fine films in the past, has floundered big time here. Sunny Joseph and Manuel George have written a screenplay, which is amateurish to the core and lacks any merit. Vinod Ellampilly’s visuals and Sharreth’s music are okay.

The usually dependable Nithya Menen comes up with a rather average show this time, perhaps due to the absence of a convincing script. Swetha Menon does a decent job in a role, which is nothing great. Unni Mukundan, in a brief role, shares no chemistry with Nithya on screen. He looks good but the performance is rather ordinary. Siddique’s contrived style of dialogue delivery may often irritate the viewer.

Tatsamayam oru penkutty is based on a current concept, which is familiar especially with the ‘Bigg Boss’ series and some of those family related reality shows. Those behind this film perhaps found inspiration from films like Ron Howard’s EDtv or Peter Weir’s The Truman Show but didn’t know how to cater it to the viewers here.

If you are still interested, watch this one at your own risk!

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