Trisha to endorse ‘Fairever Fairness Cream’

Asin who has been endorsing the Fariever Fairness Cream for a long time has now made ‘Trisha’ as the brand ambassador. Asin was endorsing the Fairness ad for quite some time which happens to be her first small screen ad after she became a movie star.

The news that Trisha will be endorsing this product was not leaked to the media till the pretty beauty Trisha signed the agreement.

Asin was very much surprised & upset about the kind of politics that Trisha has played to get this deal.

Trisha completed the shoot with ace photographer Venket Ram in Chennai for ‘Fairever Fairness Cream’

hmm.., Asin just don’t take it to the heart it`s just a game of the glam town that somebody wins and somebody loses.

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