Vidya Balan wears burkha to catch audience reaction

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan after the release of her latest film ‘The Dirty Picture’ was curious to know the reaction of the audience. So the actress put on a burkha and came to the Gaiety Galaxy on December 5, 2011 to catch the first hand reaction of the audience at the theatre in Mumbai.

Balan sat on the upper stall of the theatre along with the other people. But during the interval the actress unveiled her face to talk to her father as all the other people had left their seats to get refreshments.

Soon when one of the moviegoer returned to his seat, he noticed the actress and shouted ‘Vidya Balan’. And unfortunately the actress had not other choice and had to miss the rest of the movie, so as to escape the chaos.

Vidya in the movie plays the role of the south actress Silk Smitha, who was known for her sensuality. This is the boldest ever role played by Balan and the other stars in the movie include Emraan Hashmi, Naseeruddin Shah and Tusshar Kapoor.

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